Ankole: the long horned cattle

Tripodphoto & Slow Food


A documentary produced by Tripodphoto for Slow Food Foundation.

The story of the Presidium for Ankole Long-horned cattle - a unique breed with horns six times longer than European cattle!

In Uganda and Rwanda, governments are supporting the rearing of foreign, more productive breeds of cattle, putting the Ankole at risk.

Slow Food is working to defend biodiversity by supporting the communities that raise this animal.

The Voyage of Ghibellina - 2

Tripodphoto & Nautical Channel


After one year from the previous voyage, the s/y “Ghibellina” sails back in the Mediterranean Sea.

This time, the exploration will focus on the islands of the northwestern Mediterranean, from the pleasant, yet little known Tuscan archipelago to the worldwide-renown jet set of Sardinian Costa Smeralda, passing from the savage beauty of Corse.

Each leg of our journey will allow you to discover the historical past of these islands, as well as legends and intriguing mysteries about their ancient inhabitants.

The plot will tie together gorgeous natural landscapes with seaside resorts sequences and underwater images; a particular attention will be paid to sketch up the life on board of our magnificent ship: the s/y “Ghibellina”, a fast, elegant 78 ft. sail boat built entirely in carbon fiber.

Ugandan Coffee: Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our Economy

Tripodphoto & Slow Food


A documentary produced by Tripodphoto for Slow Food Foundation.

Uganda is one of the richest countries in Africa, in terms of plant biodiversity.

This unique landlocked country, known as the "Pearl of Africa", harbours an evergreen coffee plant known as Kisansa - now protected as a Slow Food Presidium.

The Voyage of Ghibellina - 1

Tripodphoto & Nautical Channel


A voyage along most beautiful routes of the italian coast on board of the s/y “Ghibellina”, a fast, elegant 78 ft sail boat built entirely in carbon fiber.

You will discover the most picturesque villages, hidden inlets and remote islands of the southern Italy.

From the Tuscany coast, you will sail to Pontine Archipelago, Ischia, Capri and Amalfi coast. In Sicily, you will visit the Eolie Archipelago and cross the Strait of Messina to explore Etna, the highest and widest active volcano in Europe as well as the old towns of Taormina, Siracusa and Catania.

The plot will tie together sailing sequences with tourist, landscape and underwater images.

The line directing the program will be of a film unprinting, dynamic and emotional with a choise of a photography and a modern pace of assembly.

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Ethiopia, Jewel of Africa

Tripodphoto & Ethiopian Airlines


A TV Spot, realized for Ethiopian Airlines.

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Party "LaMartina-Maserati" @ LOFTé in Florence

Tripodphoto & LaMartina-Maserati


Our video for a private party event, during Pitti fashion week, in Florence.

Aerial Video Shooting Backstage

Tripodphoto & fotOne


This video show how we realized aerial video shooting in our series The Voyage of Ghibellina. We work in a team with fotOne crew and we shot everything in few days.

Honeys of Ethiopia

Tripodphoto & Slow Food


Archeological findings tell us that Ethiopia is the cradle of civilization, the Christian heart of Africa, isolated and protected by rugged mountains.

Among the oldest religious traditions, some are tied to honey, one of the most important products of this land.

Thanks to an Italian project, in the last few years a network of high quality honey producers has been created in the country and is continually developing.

The goal is to help the communities in the network develop, favoring synergy among the players in different areas, so as to improve the living conditions of the local people while always respecting their history and culture.

The network supports beekeeping, farming, and wax production - activities that the locals were already engaged in but now revisited with professional skills and methodologies.