Bahari Salama

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Thanks to all our donators, who have allowed this story be known...

After a long journey BAHARI SALAMA is now partecipating in several Film Festivals around the World. This is very important becuse we wish everybody understand the importance of climate changing.1


BAHARI SALAMA is a documentary showing how the fishing community of Jambiani, Zanzibar, is trying to preserve the biodiversity of the ocean’s fauna and get a better life.

For the first time in East Africa, this coastal community started to develop ecological aquaculture businesses and to take care about their marine resources. Their new approach promotes a healthy economic growth, reduced environmental pressures and threats to marine life.


If you want to become a part of our community to complete the film, please contribute what you can, and share on social media.


The money will go directly towards funding of the post-production (editing, sound mix, movie soundtrack), rewards for your donations, but especially in the submission of the most important international festivals, to transmit to the greatest number, thanks to your contribution, the message of hope of this film!

Is it still possible to find an alternative route to intensive exploitation of our marine resources?


Can we improve the quality of local communities life, while still protecting the ocean’s resources?


In return for your pledge of support we are offering various thank you gifts: your name in the credits, DVD, T-Shirt, a coral with your name....


Please help us to accomplish our dream. You will help this intrepid community to document their dreams and their efforts for a better future.