Exploring Tyrrhenian Coast

TV Format - Nautical Channel


In this series, we are going to discover the wonders of the Tyrrhenian coast.

Tribute to NC4k Ed. III

Documentary - NorthCape 4000

The NorthCape4000 is not just a sporting event, but an indelible experience, probably for the rest of your life.

National Parks of Kenya


A journey through the most beautiful National Parks in Kenya

The Voyage of Ghibellina

Format TV - Nautical Channel

A voyage along most beautiful routes of the italian coast on board of the s/y “Ghibellina".  The 3rd series is now on air.


Documentary - O’Viveiro Foundation


Around lives of young ladies in an orphanage in Chitima, Mozambique. We work as Directors of Photography.

Bahari Salama

Documentary - Marine Culture Foundation


A secret below the sea… A new history is coming...

Escape to Zanzibar

TV Format - Nautical Channel


This format will drive the viewers in the exploration of the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Island of Salt

Documentary - GEO Rai3

In the archipelago of Malta, a family still carries out an ancient trade, one of the most precious of goods, salt.


Documentary - Slow Food Foundation

In Ugandan forest you could find people harvesting kisansa coffee berries. That's they story.

Long Horns

Documentary - Slow Food Foundation

An ancient tribe and their traditions. Ankole  people survive to time.